25kg, language problems, fear of others… What do we know about the young man?

25kg language problems fear of others… What do we know

In Rennes, a 14-year-old boy hidden by his mother was discovered. Indicted, the forties refutes any abuse.

For 14 years he lived in hiding. But always [en ayant] enough to eat” according to his mother. In Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), a teenager was placed with social assistance for children after a report of pediatric emergencies. In the summer of 2022, when he arrives in the pediatric reception unit for children in danger, the young man attracts the attention of the professionals present. Taken care of for a malaise – as declared by the mother -, the boy presents much more worrying signs which push doctors to alert justice.

delays in development

The investigation will bring to light a hardly believable situation: West France reports that the birth of the teenager was never declared, that he was not known or followed by any doctor and that he had never been to school. For 14 years, the boy would have remained locked up in his home. What his mother refutes. “My son was always in the library, in the museum, in the theater, in the toy libraries, in the exhibitions. We were (…) very steeped in culture, knowledge”, she told BFM TV.

It is in Paris that the teenager would have grown up – after being born abroad according to BFM-TV-, at first, before he moved to Rennes with his mother, before the Covid. If she claims to have “done the best for my son from the start. Both by opening him up to the world according to his age and also protecting him”, the young man’s condition was not common when he came to hospital, July 2, 2022. Doctors discover a boy who weighs only 25kg, with health deficiencies, difficulty speaking, delayed intellectual development and fear of others.

The mother, whose child has been placed for ten months with the ASE, has been indicted for “evasion by a parent of his legal obligations compromising the health, safety, morals or education of his child ” and “deprivation of care or food compromising the health of a minor of 15 years by ascendant or person having authority.” She faces seven years in prison. The trial is expected to take place in October.