Zurich brings together its 300 claims experts in Milan for two days of collaboration

Zurich brings together its 300 claims experts in Milan for

(Finance) – Two days of collaboration and social commitment saw the claims community as protagonists Zurich Italy, under the guidance of Mirella Restelli, Chief Claims Officer. The event brought together in person, for the first time after 12 years, around 300 employees who give life to the Company’s claims division.

The community was able to discuss the main ones market trendsthe results achieved together – in a 2023 which saw the entire team very busy, especially due to the pervasiveness of claims from natural disasters – and the future priorities. This first moment was followed by a round table with the testimonies of colleagues, who spoke of personal and team challenges and successes, overcome or achieved thanks to collaboration. There was then space for a speech by the Country CEO of Zurich Italia, Bruno Scaroniwho underlined how sharing, social commitment and collaboration have long represented founding values ​​of the company’s corporate culture.

The second day, however, made it possible to reconfirm Zurich Italia’s commitment to generating a positive impact In the territory and in community in which it operates, promoting at the same time a culture of optimal protection and safety: on the basis of this consideration the collaboration with the Mission Children Foundation, who has been involved in projects related to education and health for 24 years. A day of social team building dedicated to the well-being and happiness of children who study and grow in Milanese schools, and who today can do so in an even safer place.

In fact, on 18 June, around 300 people from the Zurich Italia Claims community dedicated their working hours to contribute to the renovation and cleaning of the ILocatelli-Quasimodo State Comprehensive Institute Of Milan. Located in the northern area of ​​Milan, the Institute includes two primary schools and two lower secondary schools, with over 900 students distributed across 45 classes. Specifically, the Zurich team dedicated itself to painting the approximately 400 meters of perimeter gate of the school complex and contributed to the clearing of unused material from the classrooms to allocate the new spaces to libraries and scientific laboratories.

Mirella Restelli, Chief Claims Officer of Zurich Italia, declared: “At Zurich we work to guarantee 360-degree protection and we are very proud to be able to spread the culture of protection not only among our customers but throughout the territory in which we operate, in particular among the new generations, demonstrating to them how through collaboration results can be achieved that exceed the sum of the individual contributions. This initiative represents a tangible example of how collaboration and social attention are central values ​​for Zurich. Thanks to the team’s commitment, we were able to actively contribute to ensuring an even more welcoming and safe environment for the students of the Istituto Comprensivo Locatelli-Quasimodo in Milan.”