Zombie series sets new record with incredible jump in time

Zombie series sets new record with incredible jump in time

The time will come next month. Then the zombie spin-off The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon finally starts in Germany, which continues the story of the fan favorite played by Norman Reedus after the end of The Walking Dead. The series was already running on AMC in the USA and surprised with an unexpected number of innovations for the franchise.

In addition to a new type of zombie, the spin-off also shows new facets of the beginning of the apocalypse and can even boast a character record. After 13 years of The Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon also sets a new timeline record in the finale.

Be careful, follow it spoiler to the Daryl Dixon series:

The Walking Dead record: Daryl Dixon series goes back to 1944

The finale of the six-part first season begins with an unexpected flashback that takes us back to 1944, 66 years before the start of the zombie apocalypse. Daryl Dixon sets a surprising record. Because no The Walking Dead series has jumped so far into the past. The previous timeline record was held by Fear the Walking Dead with flashbacks to the 1950s (in season 2).

But why 1944 of all times?

Watch the German trailer for The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon here

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon – S01 Trailer (German) HD

The flashback is short and confusing for the first time without context. However, he provides a particularly emotional meaning for the character Daryl Dixon. The scene shows an American soldier shot on the beach in Normandy on June 6, 1944. His name: William T. Dixon. It’s Daryl’s grandfather.

As the finale progresses, Daryl Dixon’s story takes a dramatic circular turn. His grandfather once left his family behind in America to go to war – and never returned. Almost 80 years later, another Dixon finds himself thousands of kilometers away from his family in that place in Normandy. And Daryl fears that the family tragedy could repeat itself.

Is it perhaps his fate to also die in France? The Walking Dead spin-off does not yet provide an answer to this. Daryl’s European adventure will continue with season 2 next year.

When does The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon start in Germany?

All six episodes of the first season of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon are available from December 8, 2023 on Magenta TV ready to stream. A second season – with the additional title The Book of Carol – is already in production and will premiere in 2024.

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