Zenimax is Working on New Game Engine

Zenimax is Working on New Game Engine

The creators of the Elder Scrolls Online game are working on the new engine. The new engine is being developed specifically for game consoles.

The Elder Scrolls OnlineThe power behind Zenimax Online Studiosnow fully multi-platform supported a new game engine What he was working on was revealed through an update on the LinkedIn profile of Ryan Ruzich, who works as a senior game programmer at Zenimax Online Studios. According to Ruzich’s post, this new engine is being optimized for “third-party consoles”, which indicates that the project will meet users on various platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation and perhaps Nintendo Switch.

It Was Revealed That The Elder Scrolls Online Creators Are Developing a Multi-Platform Game Engine

During his time at Zenimax Online Studios from 2015 to 2022, Ruzich played a key role in this new engine, which was developed for an undisclosed project. During the development process of the engine, Ruzich particularly led the creation, integration and improvement of the engine’s scripting solution. He also made significant contributions to the adaptation of The Elder Scrolls Online to Linux and Google Stadia.

Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road Preview

Ruzich’s statements show that the new engine is based on the experiences gained in the development of an online game such as The Elder Scrolls Online. This suggests that the engine is designed to support an online multiplayer experience. Additionally, the fact that this engine is designed to allow game development on platforms other than Xbox shows Zenimax Online Studios’ aim to bring its games to a wider audience.

The Elder Scrolls VI and Hints About the Future

In addition to Ryan Ruzich’s statements about the new engine, there is also exciting information about the future of The Elder Scrolls series. Upcoming main game of the series The Elder Scrolls VI Regarding the game, in the light of the information provided by Bruce Nesmith, significant improvements are expected in the magic and leveling systems of the game. Nesmith stated that The Elder Scrolls VI will expand the game systems in its predecessors, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and also introduce new ideas.

Zenimax Online Studios’ new engine shows that it is working on innovative and exciting projects not only for The Elder Scrolls Online, but also for future games in the series.