Zelenskyj visits liberated Kherson – Sweden news

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At the end of last week, Kherson in southern Ukraine was liberated after months of Russian occupation.

Lots of material has been released on social media showing how local residents celebrate the arrival of Ukrainian troops.

But the situation in the city is still strained. The electricity is down and President Zelenskyi states that they have evidence of over 400 war crimes in the region.

The Ukrainian flag flies next to the Ukrainian one

During Monday, pictures were spread of when Zelensky visited the city for an “unannounced visit”.

At the same time, TV4 Nyheterna’s broadcaster Jona Källgren has reached the strategically important stronghold – as the first Swedish news team after the Russian troops left.

– People gather here to celebrate that it is another day without the Russian troops and have hung the Ukrainian flag next to the European one, he says from a centrally located square in the city.

In the player above: See the live report from Kherson.