Zelenskyi believes in Ukraine’s victory as long as the country receives more arms aid: “We have a ready counterattack plan” | Foreign countries

Zelenskyi believes in Ukraines victory as long as the country

Zelenskyi says in an interview with the German newspaper Bild that Ukraine needs missiles and air defense systems to protect civilians.

Petri Burtsoff,

Roni Kuronen

President Volodymyr Zelenskyi says Saksalaislehti In an interview with Bild that he still believes that Ukraine can beat Russia.

Although Ukraine is now on the defensive, it is ready for a counterattack.

– We have a counterattack plan ready. For that, however, we need weapons, says Zelenskyi.

According to the president, it is pointless to dream of any kind of offensive operation until Ukraine gets more weapons. Above all, Ukraine now needs missiles and air defense systems to protect civilians.

According to Zelensky, Germany is afraid of nuclear war

In the interview, Zelenskyi also says that Ukraine is still trying to persuade the German leadership to send Taurus missiles to Ukraine.

– We discuss the topic, but the question is not so simple. I understand the chancellor Olaf Scholz stresses that Germany is not a nuclear weapon state, and therefore does not want to send its most powerful weapon abroad, he says in an interview with Bild.

According to him, Scholz is afraid of the escalation of the war and a possible nuclear war. However, Zelenskyi’s own view is that holding on to Taurus will not protect the world from Russian nuclear weapons.

However, according to Zelensky, Ukraine’s hope does not depend solely on the German Taurus missiles. As a more important issue, the president raises the staggered US arms aid.

According to him, Ukraine would still be able to win the war with the help of modern Western weapons.

– If we continue to increase arms production and get licenses for certain weapons from our allies, it would no longer depend on the number of soldiers, but on the quality of the weapons.

Ukraine is expecting a major Russian attack

Bild magazine describes the situation in Ukraine as the most difficult since the start of the war.

Zelenskyi admits that Ukraine is on the defensive and preparing for a possible major Russian attack in the direction of Kharkiv.

Ukraine’s air defense is in trouble, and it is unable to prevent Russian attacks on critical infrastructure such as power generation.

– (Russia’s) attacks on energy production cause great pain to the population and cities, Zelenskyi admits.

He describes the president of Russia Vladimir Putin into an animal that, sensing the weakness of its prey, strikes even harder.

– He wants to take over all of Ukraine. He destroys everything and kills a large number of people.