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Zelensky notes a drop in deliveries of shells and missiles

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⇒ A drop in deliveries of shells and missiles

⇒ “Successful” Ukrainian operations on the bank of the Dnieper

⇒ A new Polish border crossing blocked

Drop in arms deliveries since the Israel-Hamas conflict

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who spoke to foreign journalists on Thursday, November 16, reported a drop in deliveries of shells and missiles to Ukraine since the outbreak of the conflict between Israel and Hamas on November 7. last October. “In the Middle East, what do you think they started buying first? The 155-caliber (shells). Our supplies have dwindled,” he said, as the country prepares for a second winter of conflict.

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After the Hamas attack, the United States, the main supplier of military equipment to Ukraine, committed to providing more weapons to the Israeli army, which has since carried out daily strikes on the Gaza Strip. .

“Successful” operations on the occupied bank of the Dnieper

The Ukrainian army announced Friday that it had carried out “a series” of “successful” operations on the left bank of the Dnieper River, occupied by Russian forces in the south of the country.

“The Ukrainian defense forces carried out a series of successful actions on the left bank of the Dnieper River” in the Kherson region (south), the Ukrainian marine command said on Facebook.

New Polish border crossing blocked

The Myka border crossing, located in southeastern Poland, is expected to be blocked from Monday by several Polish truckers’ organizations, one of their representatives announced Thursday. The same day, the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure announced the failure of negotiations between the two countries to unblock the three border crossings closed for three weeks, blocking almost all goods traffic between the two countries.

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“We are waiting for a new round of negotiations with the Polish and Ukrainian governments. We are not happy with the speed at which they are taking place,” added one of the organizers of the movement. The Ukrainian ministry did not specify whether a new session of discussions was planned in the coming days.

Since November 6, several dozen Polish transport companies have organized this blockade to demand in particular the restoration of entry permits for Ukrainian truckers, an obligation lifted by the European Union. Polish drivers accuse their neighbors of “unfair competition”.

NATO reaffirms its support for Ukraine

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Asked Thursday about the blocking of aid to Ukraine in the US Congress, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg reaffirmed the organization’s support for Ukraine, and the need for all its member countries to maintain their commitments against Russia.

“It is a national security interest for all NATO countries and therefore also for the United States, to prevent President Putin from winning in Ukraine,” he said. Some elected officials from the Republican party are in fact opposed to the release of funds to the country, calling into question American aid.

Three killed in strikes on Kherson

The death toll from Thursday’s Russian attacks on the city of Kherson now stands at three dead and around ten injured, affected by various strikes. Liberated a year ago by Ukrainian forces after months of occupation, the city has never stopped being hit by Russian strikes, almost daily.

Two Russian citizens convicted, one arrested

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Three Russian citizens were convicted or arrested on Thursday regarding their position on the war between their country and Ukraine. Arrested in March 2022 for replacing the price tags of a Russian store with messages of support for Ukraine, the artist Alexandra Skotchilenko was sentenced to seven years in detention. In a statement, the NGO Amnesty International declared that this case was “emblematic of the Kremlin’s repression against Russian civil society”.

The Russian intelligence services, the FSB, announced the same day the arrest of a former official accused of money transfers for the benefit of Ukraine. Since May 2018, she has made “more than 60 transfers for a total of more than 330,000 rubles (around 3,400 euros, Editor’s note) to Ukrainian bank accounts”, and faces 20 years in prison for “high treason”.