Zelensky calls out to the world from Davos: Help us end the war

Zelensky calls out to the world from Davos Help us

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said, “(Russia-Ukraine) We did not start this war, but we must end it. Help us to end this war faster.” said.

President of Ukraine Zelenskiy attended the World Economic Forum (WEF) online and gave a speech.

Zelenskiy started his speech by expressing his sadness over the helicopter crash near Kyiv in which 16 people lost their lives, and a minute’s silence was held for the deceased.

Defining the incident as a tragedy, Zelenskiy stated that it was not an accident and it was due to the war.

“War has many dimensions, not just on the battlefield. There are no accidents in wartime, these are all consequences of war.” Zelenskiy reiterated his demand for more support for their fight against Russia.

Zelensky urged world leaders to take quick decisions and support Kiev with heavy weapons to counter the war waged by Russia.

Reminding that the world hesitated in the face of Russia’s attempt to invade the whole country in February 2022 after Russia’s invasion of Crimea in 2014, Zelenskiy said, “The world should not hesitate today and never.” said.


Referring to the provision of air defense system support to Ukraine, Zelenskiy said, “The supply of air defense systems to Ukraine should surpass Russia’s next air attacks. Re-establishing peace and security in Ukraine, Russia’s security and peace in other countries. “We didn’t start this war, but we must end it. Help us finish this war faster.” he said.

Stating that nothing has changed since the beginning of the war, Zelenskiy said that they still need ammunition.

Zelenskiy, after the plane crash today, “Do you feel any safety concerns about yourself?” to the question, “No, I don’t feel it.” replied. (AA)