Zelenskiy evaluated the developments in Kherson! ‘The enemy does not give us gifts’

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Zelenskiy, in a video message he shared on his Telegram account at night, stated that the war against Russia continues in his country and said that the heaviest clashes were concentrated on the Donetsk front.

Evaluating the statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense that “the defense line in the city of Kherson will be withdrawn to the left bank of the Dnipro River”, Zelenskiy used the following statements:

“We are slowly advancing south, gradually strengthening our positions. There is a lot of joy in the information space today, and the reason is clear. But our emotions should always be restrained during war.”

Noting that he did not want to share much information about the ongoing counterattack at the front, Zelenskiy said, “I will definitely not feed the enemy with all the details of our operations, neither in the south, nor in the east, nor anywhere else. When we get the result, everyone will definitely see it.” said.

Zelenskiy noted that the Ukrainian army showed its strength on the field and continued as follows:

“But you have to understand that no one leaves a place unless they feel the Force. The enemy doesn’t give us gifts, don’t make gestures of goodwill. We fight for everything.”

Zelenskiy stated that the army acted very carefully, without being emotional and without unnecessary risks. “This is how we will ensure the liberation of our Kherson, Kahovka, Donetsk and other cities. But this will definitely be the result of our efforts, our defensive operations.” he said.

Zelenskiy, who suggested that the Russian soldiers might blow up the hydroelectric power plant dam in the city of Kahovka in the Kherson region, called on the Russian forces to stay away from provocation attempts in this region. (AA)