Zara Larsson’s cocky answer – after the sly biocriticism

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

The Swedish superstar Zara Larsson has faced enormously strong reactions in recent days, when she states in a video that cinemagoers should and should be allowed to talk to each other – and if you want to be quiet around you, then you should watch movies at home.

– Isn’t the whole point of watching a movie with people in the same room to experience it together and laugh, scream and analyze the roles?, she asked her followers this weekend.

The video, which Larsson himself published on Tiktok, has been both mocked and sawed but also defended, among others by Expressen’s head of culture Viktor Malm, and by the Swedish demon director Ruben Östlund.

In a new post, this time on Instagram, the artist jokes about the reactions in a cocky response to his critics. In the text of pictures of Zara Larsson in an empty cinema, she writes:

“Alone at the cinema after I talked so much that everyone else had left. The power I possess.”

More about the biosnack ice in the player above.