YouTuber shows how you can ruin your gaming PC with lots of pointless software

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You install a lot of software but don’t worry about cleaning up? A YouTuber tried out what happens when you really clutter up your system. That should at least show you why good system hygiene can be quite helpful.

Some of you surely know this. A best friend or an acquaintance complains that the computer is no longer working properly or is very slow. After a quick assessment, it is then noticed that the person has installed several virus scanners, cleaning programs and other stuff, all of which eats up a lot of resources.

But a YouTuber has now taken it to the extreme. Because he wanted to find out how much pointless software you have to install until gaming is impossible or at least hardly possible.

YouTuber tests: How much performance do RGB, antivirus and co eat up?

Who tested this? The YouTuber Dawid Does Tech Stuff regularly tests things that are both serious and funny on his channel. For example, he once bought a gaming PC on Aliexpress to find out how good such a part really is.

In his latest test, he installed a lot of software on his PC to find out when his gaming PC is failing. We have embedded his YouTube video for you here:

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What did he install? In his test, he downloaded a lot of software from different providers with different tasks. “Highlights” include:

  • 12 antivirus programs
  • 19 RGB software suites
  • lots of preinstalled Dell software
  • 7 PC cleaner software suites
  • 7 different browsers
  • What has the least impact? In his first test, he only installed the entire RGB software suites from various manufacturers such as Razer, Corsair, Logitech and Co. Here he explains that although he has 19 of them installed, they have little impact on performance.

    What impacts performance the most? The PC really comes under load as soon as it installs the 12 antivirus programs. Because they all require computing power and memory. The other programs and his game for the benchmarks are getting slower and slower and the loading times are getting longer.

    When does the computer stop working? In the end he installed dozens of programs, all of which dutifully booted into autostart. The boot times are getting longer and more and more apps are crashing on his computer. Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which he uses for benchmarks, takes more than 30 minutes to launch the game. Normal work or gaming is no longer really possible.

    Many cooks spoil the broth on your PC too

    What can you learn from the test? Basically, you should regularly check how many programs you have installed on your computer and need the appropriate resources.

    A quick look at the task manager under Windows 10 often helps here. In the task manager you then switch to the “Autostart” tab and see immediately what is booting with your computer. To put it simply: the more programs there are in autostart, the more time your computer needs.

    It is also helpful to regularly clean up your computer:

  • For example, if you bought a new mouse from another manufacturer, you can uninstall the old software suite if you no longer have any hardware from the manufacturer or throw it out of the autostart.
  • You don’t need more than one antivirus program. Several at the same time only compete with each other and block each other. Many even think that the regular Windows Defender is quite sufficient for general use.
  • If you are even considering buying an upgrade for your gaming PC, there are certain things you should not buy. MeinMMO explains to you which “upgrades” you should absolutely refrain from:

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