YouTube TV app now automatically identifies key moments

YouTube TV app now automatically identifies key moments

Ongoing that is not a leader in the field YouTube Currently, a useful artificial intelligence feature is being tested only in the USA. is being.

Last week some in the US YouTube Premium A new feature had begun to be tested among users. This feature directly It focused on the video transmission or advancement side. As far as it is reported, the new infrastructure developed determines the exact video sections that the viewers want to access, with the help of their old viewing habits and artificial intelligence, thus saving people time. In other words, this feature shows exactly what you want to access in the video you opened. automatically determines the partition for youYou probably want to watch hereIt gives episode suggestions in the style of “. Today, an official step was taken directly for the YouTube TV application. The application specific to television now automatically identifies and separates key moments in all videos. In this way, the desired part or the most important moments in the video can be easily found. YouTube CEO Neal Mohan explains how this time-saving feature works with the GIF below. laying down:

Before this, some US institutions had a legal YouTube It was brought up that he could find out who watched his video. According to a recently published news, some official institutions in the USA have obtained a court order. YouTube It can easily identify those watching the video.

There are more than one example on this subject (One is a money laundering incident, the other is a live broadcast focused explosives incident. incident) is stated to be, federal authorities in the USA are banned from the platform. It is said to have requested the names, addresses, phone numbers and user activity of accounts that watched certain YouTube videos between January 1-8, 2023.

Here, not only people who have logged in to YouTube, It is stated that information is requested about everyone who watches the videos via their IP address.. Since it is not above the law, when the court order comes, the platform has to provide this information, to inform the viewers. It is reported that there is demand even for a video that has been watched more than 30 thousand times.. In this regard, abroad “Apparently you don’t have to do anything illegal for law enforcement to ask Google for your personal data.” is being commented on, This process attracts a lot of criticism in terms of personal privacy.