YouTube introduces “remix” era for music videos in Shorts

YouTube introduces remix era for music videos in Shorts

Google platform, which continues to be the clear leader of the video side YouTubethe “remix” era for music videos in Shorts started.

Google, A vertically shaped and short-term video game created out of fear of TikTok. Shorts continues to develop its format. The latest development in this regard is the “remix” step taken for music videos. Creators are now offered four different options to remix music videos listed on YouTube and share them as Shorts. The company itself gives the details of these as follows:
-Sound: Just take the audio from the music video and use it in Shorts.
-Collaboration: Create a Shorts side by side with the main music video. This way, you and your friends can create choreography side by side with any artist.
-Green Screen: Use the music video as the background of your Short. In this way, you can record the moment you first listen to the music video and your real-time reaction to the content.
-Cut: Can’t get a particular scene from a music video out of your mind? Cut that five-second clip and add it to your Short.


As far as we learned with the official announcement made before this YouTube has also started adding live videos to people’s Shorts streams., will not automatically start live videos in the stream, you will need to press the “watch live” button at the bottom to watch. This infrastructure, which will soon be available to everyone, will most likely reach a significant number of users in a short time. YouTuberecently started testing a strange “color” based filtering system. came with the start. YouTube It is currently testing the mentioned system on a limited audience, thanks to this system, people can filter the recommendation videos on the home screen according to colors. It is not yet known exactly how the process works, but YouTube’s analyzed the image on the video cover and chose the dominant color and it is thought to filter accordingly.


For example, if the color red is selected, The system brings to the user videos with a predominant red color on the video cover. It is not fully understood why such a feature was developed, and it is not yet fully known when the infrastructure will come to everyone. The company had come to the fore with an important milestone before this. As far as we learned with the official post made recently YouTube Music and Premium to 100 million reached.