YouTube draws new lines for artificial intelligence-generated content

YouTube draws new lines for artificial intelligence generated content

Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to artificial intelligence. YouTube, Steps to strengthen control in this regard announced.

On the official blog page, “Generative AI has the potential to transform YouTube for viewers and creators. But the opportunities here need to be balanced with the responsibility to protect the YouTube community. All content uploaded to YouTube is subject to our Community Guidelines, regardless of how it is created. However, we also know that artificial intelligence will bring new risks and therefore require new approaches.” annotator YouTube, In the new period that will start next year Content prepared using generative artificial intelligence is a “synthetic/artificial” It will require the addition of the phrase. Thanks to this warning, people will be able to easily understand that the content they open is produced by artificial intelligence. In the new era, people will also be banned if their faces are produced by artificial intelligence and used in a video without permission. He will be able to easily file a complaint to have the video removed.


This process is next to the face will also include sounds produced by artificial intelligenceso that artists / singers whose voices have been copied and used in videos without permission will be able to complain to YouTube to have these videos removed. YouTube Here, “We will also give music companies the ability to request the removal of music content directly generated by AI that mimics an artist’s unique singing or rapping style.” It also includes the explanation. It is reported that clearer rules for the new period will be shared in the coming months.

Recently, there has been a lot of emphasis on artificial intelligence. YouTube, As far as it comes to the agenda today, it wants to make the voices of musicians / singers available to others by making them available through artificial intelligence. In this way created videos/music videos can be dubbed with the voice of a famous singer (Songwriters with bad voices might love this), as well as the person who created the video The musician whose voice is used will also earn money.

He has been working on this system for a long time and originally built the infrastructure in September.Made On YouTubeThe company, which was reported to have wanted to announce it at the “event” and then start small-scale beta tests, could not do this because according to the news. Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment And Warner Music Group Negotiations with music companies such as are progressing much slower than expected.

It is reported that there are some question marks at the moment, especially about making money, but music companies are reportedly welcoming the process despite some problems. Music companies think that artificial intelligence will change the music world and do not want to be late in this regard.