YouTube criticized for its backward handling of profanity and game change

YouTube criticized for its backward handling of profanity and game

One of the world’s largest video platforms YouTubeit draws backlash with its retrograde operation of profanity and game change.

Content and creators matter, but YouTube as a company has rules to follow. Keeping these rules dynamic with the policies that it updates from time to time, the company made an important announcement in November 2022. of the firm “Coming soon and recent ad rule updates” titled here Added important items to policy update. In the new era “we’re changing our approach to profanityMaking the statement, the company conveyed exactly the following:

  • We’re changing our approach to profanity. All abusive expressions are now treated equally. Curses are no longer segregated by severity level (mild, medium, heavy, extreme). “Damn” and “damn” are no longer considered profanity. Therefore, videos with profanity in their titles, thumbnails, first 7 seconds, or all of them will not earn ad revenue.
  • -From videos containing profanity after the first 8 seconds ad revenue can be generated. Content that contains profanity in all or a large part We will continue to avoid generating advertising revenue.

YouTube, previously inappropriate language “weight levels” (mild, moderate, heavy, or extreme) and intermediate language was available in the first 30 seconds of a video. This did not affect the creator’s ad revenue for that video. As part of the new rule changes The company also dealt a blow to game publishers.. Added to the new policy:

  • -Organized acts to create violence or traumatic experiences against natural persons from content that is shared without giving context of nuisance corpses (e.g. mass murder) from game footage and videos that imply the moment of death of people (e.g. when a building with people in it is bombed) Advertising revenue is not available.
  • -The first of the video after 8 seconds standard with horrific injuries game videostragic events that are not disturbing and their consequences (e.g. footage of a flooded city), or arrests by law enforcement suitable for generating advertising revenue.

As you can see in the new period, the company, which has made major changes, may have taken a logical step for the future, but It started to garner great reactions by applying the process to the past.


If YouTube creators don’t want to lose their ad revenue, they will no longer swear or play violent games under this new policy until 8 seconds have passed. There is no problem with this because 8 seconds is a very short time. Here is the reaction part, retroactive operation of the new policy on old videos. That’s why a lot of YouTubers now share their old videos. not earning ad revenuemany people’s old videos is under the age limit.

The other part that has been heavily criticized here is a YouTube As a classic, content creators are not fully informed about the process. A detailed report to the content producer about the videos that are age-limited and ad revenue cut. company that does not give reasons, asked about the processWhat is happening to my channel?” to the questions “All content on the platform must comply with the rules, regardless of when they are uploaded or when policies apply.” gives the answer.

Content producers who depend on their video revenues to make this retrospective move make no sense. does not find. Because most creators essentially reach high views that is, the holder earns income from his old videos.