YouTube Create application is also available in Turkey

YouTube Create application is also available in Turkey

YouTube Create As far as the official announcement made today, the application has been made available in Turkey.

“Last year, we announced YouTube Create, a free app designed to make video editing easier, focusing on short as well as long-form videos so creators can spend more time on their craft and creativity. “Since then, we’ve been working to improve the app based on our community’s feedback, and today we’re launching YouTube Create in beta on Android in 13 more countries, from Australia to Brazil and Spain.” Google said in its statement: Turkey is among these countries has received. For now just Located on the Android side The company’s brief description of the very useful application (iOS version will be released this year) is as follows: happened: “The YouTube Create app allows you to edit your videos with useful and easy-to-use production tools. With YouTube Create, you can edit long videos and shorts for free, without watching ads. “You can add filters, effects, royalty-free music, voice-overs and much more to attract attention from your audience with videos that you can easily create without using complex editing tools.”


“Creators know that video editing is a very laborious and time-consuming process, but that process does not have to be that way with YouTube Create.” YouTube really simplifies the video editing process with its new application and includes the side of editing / adding music to the process. The application, which has time-saving features for synchronizing music and video transitions, can be used completely free of charge.