YouTube Ad Revenue Address Shorts!

YouTube Ad Revenue Address Shorts

YouTube, the most popular content viewing platform today, announced that revenues will now be collected on Shorts.

With the YouTube event held today, many new features and dynamics were presented to us. One of the most striking of these was the new feature that came to Shorts videos. YouTube creators now shorts They will be able to monetize their videos.

TikTok With the pandemic, it showed a magnificent rise. Especially in terms of income, it gave more than many platforms that exist in the market. Therefore, the number of users, especially in our country, has increased day by day. By developing new strategies, YouTube plans to get ahead of the TikTok application. With the new feature announced today, it looks like it will strike a big blow to TikTok.

With the feature that will be activated in the first days of 2023, content producers will be able to earn advertising income through Shorts videos. In addition, YouTube will be the first revenue sharing platform in the world with the new partnership system it has announced.

According to the statements made, YouTube content producers 10 million views on YouTube Shorts in 90 days When he receives it, he will be able to apply for income generation. This income will be realized thanks to the advertisements that appear while browsing the Shorts videos. The revenue from these ads will be pooled. It will be split depending on the watch time of the creators and the number of views. The cutoff is 45% rate will be.

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