Your new series obsession 1899 has 7 Netflix stars in the cast and that’s not all

Your new series obsession 1899 has 7 Netflix stars in

1899 has what it takes to be your new Netflix obsession. A lot will depend on the story that Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese (Dark) are cooking up for their latest mystery series. But the passengers of the ship Kerberos will also have their part in the success of 1899. The series about an ocean liner that sets off for the new world features some familiar faces and newcomers.

At least 7 Netflix stars have bought a ticket for the Atlantic voyage. You can find out how you know the cast of 1899 here.

The cast of 1899: 7 Netflix stars and more

Emily Beecham plays Maura Franklin

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Emily Beecham in Little Joe

Emily Beecham plays the mysterious Maura, who aspires to a career as a doctor in the United States, which is not possible in her native Great Britain. Beecham has appeared in the Netflix film Outside the Wire, starred in the sci-fi film Little Joe and was a cast member of the martial arts series Into the Badlands.

Andreas Pietschmann plays Eyk Larsen


Andreas Pietschmann

He is familiar with mystery shows: Between 2017 and 2020 Andreas Pietschmann played the stranger in Dark, and he also appeared in Dominik Graf’s masterpiece The Beloved Sisters. In 1899, Pietschmann plays the captain of the ship Kerberos, which is the focus of the plot.

Miguel Bernardeau plays an unknown role


Miguel Bernardeau in Elite

Anyone who follows the murderous teen drama Elite will recognize this face among thousands: Miguel Bernardeau plays the snooty and irresistible Guzmán in the Spanish Netflix hit. Nothing is known about his role in 1899. Incidentally, Darío Madrona, the elite co-creator, is part of the series’ writing staff.

Maciej Musiał plays Olek


Maciej Musiał in The Witcher

Maciej Musial, born in Poland, plays a passenger named Olek in 1899. Netflix subscribers may recognize him for his role as Sir Lazlo in The Witcher or for the alternative history series 1983 that he helped create.

Anton Lesser plays an unknown role


Anton Lesser in Game of Thrones

Anton Lesser is also a “Netflix star”, after all he played Prime Minister Harold Macmillan in The Crown. He is probably better known for his role as Cersei’s loyal maester and zombie breeder Qyburn, which he played in Game of Thrones.

Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen plays an unknown role


Lynggaard Tonnesen in The Rain

The Dane Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen has already played in two Netflix hits in his young career: In the post-apocalyptic show The Rain he had one of the leading roles with Rasmus and in the Netflix revival of the political series Borgen – Dangerous Ropes he played the son of the heroine Birgitte Nyborg.

Clara Rosager plays Tove


Clara Rosager in The Rain

In the 1899 cast, she sits on the deck of the ship as a pregnant Tove with a gun. She plays the series sister of Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen.

Prior to her biggest acting journey yet, Clara Rosager also starred in The Rain, Patrick Dempsey series Devils and the Marvel meme milestone Morbius.

Aneurin Barnard plays Daniel


Aneurin Barnard in Peaky Blinders

As Doctor Holford, Aneurin Barnard has appeared in two episodes of Peaky Blinders – Gangs of Birmingham, and you may have crossed paths with him in Dunkirk, The Goldfinch, and numerous other films.

Yann Gael plays Jerome


Yann Gael

In 1899, Yann Gael plays Jérôme, who works on the Kerberos and secretly pursues a vendetta. He previously starred in Senegal’s acclaimed genre-mix Saloum and had a role in Paolo Sorrentino’s Berlusconi epic Loro – The Beguiled.

Jose Pimentao plays Ramiro


Jose Pimentao

With the role of Ramiro in 1899, the Portuguese José Pimentão took on his first major international project.

Fflyn Edwards plays Elliot


Flyn Edwards

Fflyn Edwards is one of the youngest in the cast. However, the actor who played Eliott has already gained genre experience in the British mystery series The Snow Spider.

Isabella Wei plays Ling Yi


Isabella Wei

Hong Kong-born Isabella Wei has only starred in one short film prior to the Netflix series. With Ling Yi, she plays one of many migrants from all over the world on the Kerberos.

Mathilde Ollivier plays Clemence


Mathilde Oliver

French Mathilde Ollivier gained experience with Nazi monsters in Operation: Overlord and appeared in the time warp film Boss Level. Her character Clémence comes from the Parisian bourgeoisie and hopes to save herself from her unloved marriage through the journey.

When does 1899 start on Netflix?

1899 is supposed to Fall or Winter 2022 to Netflix come. The exact start date could be known as early as next week when the streaming service presents new projects at its Tudum event.