Your loyal minions from Dragon’s Dogma 2 reveal their slippery secrets to other players

The minions in Dragon’s Dogma 2 are one of the highlights of the game. But they are watching you closely and taking note of your actions. For example, if you visit a brothel in the game.

Who or what are the vassals? The companions in Dragon’s Dogma 2, called minions, are a central part of the gaming experience.

They accompany you on your explorations, fight at your side and support you. In addition to your main vassal, which you create in the character editor, you have up to two other companions at your side. You can summon them in the Rift.

You can choose between minions created by Capcom itself and those created by the community.

Whatever you decide, one thing is certain: the vassals are more than just fighting machines. They comment on what is happening and point out hidden places. Because a vassal remembers what he has experienced with his awakened one and passes the knowledge on to future players.

This applies to hidden chests or rift stones as well as to juicy details that you would rather not tell everyone.

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A visit to a brothel does not go unnoticed

What happens if you visit a brothel? If you are traveling in the town of Vernworth, you may stumble across a brothel.

If you are of the abstinent variety, you will of course carry on well and dedicate yourself to the small and large adventures in the game world. Or you can decide otherwise and pay a visit to the brothel.

This will cost you a mere 20,000 gold, so it’s no small feat. You can choose between humans and Beastren, the new race in the game. If you visit the establishment more than once, exclusive Kurtiansen are even available to you.

How do the vassals behave? Thankfully, your loyal vassals stay outside the door during the shepherd’s hour and give you the necessary privacy. Nevertheless, of course they know what is going on behind closed doors.

Instead of keeping this knowledge to themselves, they take it with them into the game worlds of other players. It can happen that another player, a complete stranger to you, finds out about your brothel visits in this way.

The vassals then say something like: “The private quarters of an Awakened I served had many visitors, but rarely the same one.”

Your companions are anything but silent and are not afraid to spill your secrets. Ultimately, this contributes to the liveliness of the NPC companions. They are not just silent minions who support you in battle.

And just as they give you clues on quests that they learned from adventures with other players, they reveal what they experienced with you in return. If you often go to brothels, this could potentially become the topic of your next conversation.

This once again highlights the importance of the vassal system. This is what sets Dragon’s Dogma 2 apart from other role-playing games. MeinMMO editor Karsten explained in his own article what he thinks of Dragon’s Dogma 2 – and why, among other things, the minions are something very special.