Young motorists would neglect breaks when getting behind the wheel

Young motorists would neglect breaks when getting behind the wheel

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    Many motorists, especially among the youngest, do not respect the basic rules of restorative breaks every two hours during long journeys, consequently increasing the risks of accidents linked to drowsiness, according to the study “The French and the fatigue while driving.

    For long journeys, it is recommended to take a break every two hours so as not to get too tired while driving and therefore reduce the risk of an accident. Nearly four in ten French motorists (38%) would not respect this recommendation, according to the study.The French and fatigue behind the wheel“, carried out by OpinionWay for Bultex. 22%, or nearly one in four motorists, have already driven for six consecutive hours without stopping. However, the effects of fatigue are felt at some point or to another. It thus appears that 17% of respondents have already almost been involved in a collision due to excessive fatigue and that 11% have been victims of an accident for these same reasons.

    It is especially those under 35 who take the most risks. Half of male drivers and 40% of female drivers in this age group say they regularly drive for more than two hours without stopping. For them, it is above all a way to get to their destination more quickly (58%), knowing that they often consider that taking breaks is a waste of time (45%). As a result, more than one in four (26%) have already been involved in an accident due to fatigue, a score more than twice the average.

    Whatever their practices, the French nevertheless say the vast majority (71%) are in favor of preventive measures concerning the fatal effects of fatigue while driving.

    This study was carried out by OpinionWay for Bultex among 1,034 motorists, between October 11 and 13, 2023.