Young man shot in Uppsala – operation on Vaksalagatan

A young man has been shot in Uppsala.
The man has been taken to hospital with unclear injuries.
– Now there is an ongoing phase of the hunt for perpetrators, says David Lahti, commander of the police’s regional command center, to UNT.

At 22.25 on Tuesday evening, the police were alerted to an address in Uppsala after reports of several loud bangs.

A person with a gunshot wound was found at the scene.

– It is unclear whether it was one or more shots and where he was hit. The man has still been taken to hospital and we do not know if he was at the scene alone or in a company, says David Lahti UNT.

According to the newspaper, it concerns a young man who was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

“Ongoing hunting phase”

During the night, the police searched the area with dogs.

– Now there is an ongoing hunt for perpetrators, but we have no suspect, David Lahti tells UNT.

The police continue the investigative work by, among other things, knocking on doors in the area.

The incident is classified as attempted murder.