Young man sentenced after fatal car crash

Young man sentenced after fatal car crash

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full screen Uppsala district court sentences the man to just over a year in prison for, among other things, grossly causing the death of another. Archive image. Photo: Stina Stjernkvist/TT

A 19-year-old woman died when a car flipped off the road at high speed on the E18 near Grillby in Enköping municipality in April last year. Now the driver, a man in his 20s, is sentenced to one year and three months in prison, reports SVT Nyheter Uppsala.

Based on witness statements, the car is estimated to have been driven at least 180 kilometers per hour. The woman was thrown from the car in connection with the crash.

According to the Uppsala district court, the man acted negligently and took a conscious risk. The driver, who was the woman’s boyfriend, is therefore considered to have been guilty of grossly causing the death of another and gross negligence in traffic.

He must pay SEK 60,000 in damages to the woman’s relatives.