You Will Fall In Love With Apple’s New Wireless Charging Technology!

You Will Fall In Love With Apples New Wireless Charging

apple, may be turning their efforts towards wireless charging technology. The company’s new multi-device wireless charging system We got information that he is working on it.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Power On In the news release, he provided some interesting information about the company’s future wireless charging technology. It looks like Apple is working on a technology that charges multiple devices.

As of now, the brand both iPhone as well as Apple Watch/AirPods charging at the same time MagSafe Duo sells wireless charger. But according to Gurman, the iPhone maker is working on a top model of AirPower, which was canceled in 2019.

So the company has not yet wireless charging technology He didn’t give up on his plans. Also, Apple’s current induction-based charging; both short and long haul, slightly more advanced than their offerings; He added that he is looking for wireless charging.