You should NEVER do that when cleaning

You should NEVER do that when cleaning

Spring is here with all that that entails, and many are taking a leap of faith both in the garden and at home to clean away winter and bring in spring.

But there are some classic housewife tricks when doing spring cleaning that actually do more harm than good. The sanitary supplier Grohe has compiled a list of housewife tricks that should be avoided.

On social media it is very common to share viral cleaning hacks and there are several accounts dedicated only to cleaning. But some of these viral cleaning tricks you should watch out for, to avoid scratched surfaces or discoloration. Here you get to know some of them.

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Overdose detergent

A common myth is that the amount of detergent determines how clean it will be when cleaning. But the fact is that too much soap can have the opposite effect and instead attract dust, making it even dirtier.

Scrub with abrasive sponges

Many people use strong cleaning agents and abrasive sponges in bathrooms, among other things, to clean tiles and faucets from limescale and shampoo residues. But the fact is that scouring agents and abrasive sponges risk damaging the fixtures or creating discoloration.

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Clean with vinegar

Many people see vinegar as a miracle cure and use it on most different surfaces. But the fact is that vinegar should be avoided on hard wood floors, non-waxed floors and stone surfaces should be avoided to avoid scratches or damage.

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Clean windows with newspaper

Many people polish both windows and mirrors with newspaper to get a shiny surface. But there is actually a risk that the glass, window frame or edges are discolored by the newsprint.

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