You Season 5 reveals in the first picture what fans have been missing for over 5 years

You Season 5 reveals in the first picture what fans

The 4th season of You ended in March 2023 and although Netflix announced season 5 as the You series finale shortly afterwards, we didn’t hear from serial killer Joe for a long time. But now filming for the final season has begun and in addition to the first set picture, main actor Penn Badgley also gets it new co-stars – one of them even in a double role.

Fan dream fulfilled: Netflix’s You returns to the beginning for the series finale of season 5

You has been telling the story of the charismatic bookseller, stalker and murderer Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) for four seasons. The 5th season is supposed to end the series on Netflix and so the obsessive young man aptly returns back to the iconic place where it all began: New York City. At least that’s what the first picture of the serial killer series published this week proves:

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After New York in Season 1, Los Angeles in Season 2, an American suburban life in Season 3 and Season 4 of You in London, the psychological thriller comes full circle in Season 5 with Netflix’s return to the Big Apple. The 4th season had already arrived at the very end, after Joe married Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) and with her that Family empire her dead father Tom Lockwood (Greg Kinnear).

These new cast additions are joining Season 5 of Netflix’s You

Kate is said to have a total of six siblings. According to Variety, the stars in the You cast of Netflix’s fifth season are Kate’s (envious?) brothers and sisters:

  • Anna Camp (Pitch Perfect) plays the twin sisters Raegan and Maddie Lockwood, Joe’s sisters-in-law, in a dual role. While Raegan has tough ambitions for power as CFO of Lockwood Corp, Maddie is a rather flighty socialite, but still a master manipulator.
  • Griffin Matthews (The Flight Attendant) plays Teddy Lockwood, who, as Joe’s other brother-in-law, is said to be sharp-tongued, but also loyal and an empathetic confidant.
  • Madeline Brewer (The Handmaid’s Tale) also joins the You cast for season 5 and will play the bookseller Bronte in Joe’s shop.
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    You-Cast Season 5: Anna Camp, Griffin Matthews & Madeline Brewer

    Fans also continue to wonder whether there will be the longed-for reunion with Jenna Ortega’s You character in season 5.

    When does You season 5 start on Netflix?

    Since filming for the series finale has just begun, Netflix has not yet announced a specific start date for the streaming release of season 5. However, we can expect the very last You return no earlier than the end of 2024maybe not until the beginning of 2025.

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