You only have a few hours left to get your Crypto Pokémon ready for action!

In Pokémon GO you only have today the opportunity to unlearn frustration. We’ll explain to you how it works and why you should do it.

What is frustration? If you defeat Team GO Rocket followers, you will be able to catch a so-called Crypto-Pokémon at the end. Although these Pokémon can withstand less damage, they do 20% more damage. Therefore, you should not redeem Crypto-Pokémon if you schedule them to fight.

However, Crypto-Pokémon inherently have the Charged Attack Frustration. It is not normally possible to unlearn this charging attack. Neither by using a loading TM nor a top loading TM. But in the current Rocket event World Full of Wonders: Takeover you still have the chance to do this – if you hurry up.

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Take advantage of the opportunity and forget frustration

How much longer can I unlearn frustration? The Rocket event runs until tonight, March 31, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. Until then, you still have the opportunity to unlearn the Charged Attack Frustration.

How can I unlearn the Charged Attack Frustration? To unlearn frustration, you simply have to use a Charge TM on the corresponding Pokémon. It doesn’t matter whether you use a loading TM or a top loading TM. Both items can be used to unlearn frustration.

Once you’ve done this, you can then use another Charged TM or Top Charged TM at any time to customize and change your Crypto Pokémon’s Charged Attack.

How do I find out which Crypto Pokémon have Frustration? To find out which of your Crypto-Pokémon still have the Frustration attack, you can easily use the search. To do this, go to your Pokémon bag and enter @Frustration in the search at the top. You will then be shown all Pokémon that still have this attack.

If you want to save time in future Rocket events, you can also tag your Crypto-Pokémon that you want to unlearn frustration with. This way you can see all the relevant Pokémon at a glance.

Why should I unlearn frustration? Because Crypto Pokémon do more damage than regular Pokémon, you can get stronger attackers for your teams. To do this, however, the corresponding Pokémon must unlearn frustration and learn a suitable charging attack.

The stronger a Pokémon is, the more sensible it is to unlearn frustration with the Crypto variant. Of course, there are Pokémon with which it is particularly worthwhile to unlearn frustration.

Have you already forgotten Frustration with all the Crypto-Pokémon you planned to use? Which Crypto-Pokémon do you use the most? Feel free to write us your opinion in the comments and exchange ideas with other trainers. If you want to know what’s coming up in April, take a look at our overview of events in April 2024 in Pokémon GO.