You have a few days to watch Game of Thrones or The Last of Us for free, hurry!

You have a few days to watch Game of Thrones

Amazon is offering a limited offer to allow its subscribers to discover some of the most popular series of the moment for free for a month. But be careful, you have to subscribe quickly.

With the proliferation of platforms and content, it is not easy to follow all the current series at a lower cost. And it is particularly complex for all those who wish to follow the programs of the prestigious American channel HBO: to view them in streaming in France, you must not only subscribe to Prime Video (6.99 euros per month or 69, 99 euros per year), but in addition to the Warner Pass (9.99 euros per month). Two subscriptions therefore for a total of 16.98 euros each month, pending the planned release this year of the dedicated platform, HBO Max.

But Amazon is currently offering a new offer to allow its subscribers to discover the best of American television at a lower cost. If you have not yet subscribed to the Warner Pass, you can try it for free for 30 days, by subscribing before February 17, 2024 according to information from Phonandroid. After this date, the free trial will return to 7 days, as was previously the case. If you are a student, it’s even better, since the free period extends to 90 days.

Prime Video subscribers will therefore be able to discover Warner Pass content for free for one month, provided they cancel the pass before the end of the trial period so as not to be charged (or continue it if you are convinced). However, this trial is not completely free for those who are already subscribed to Prime Video, who will have to continue paying their usual subscription (6.99 euros per month or 69.99 euros per year) to benefit from it.

The Warner Pass provides access to some of the best series of the moment. By offering HBO content, small screen behemoths are accessible, such as Game Of Thrones and its spin-off House of the Dragon, The Last of Us, Succession, True Detective or White Lotus. Great classics of American television, such as The Wire, The Leftovers Or The Sopranos are also offered there. This free trial is therefore a real godsend for discovering some of the best programs of recent years.