You Don’t Own Blizzard Games Anymore

Yeni Baslayanlar Icin Diablo 4 Baslangic Rehberi

Blizzard states that we will not be able to own its games with the change it made in the user agreement. Now we only have the right to use their products.

blizzardbrings a big change to game lovers with its new user agreement: You no longer own your games, you only own the license. While this represents a major paradigm shift in the gaming world, it also highlights the advantages of ease of access to digital media and games, as well as the lack of the feeling of having a physical product for the money spent.

The Value of Physical Media and Blizzard’s New Policy

As Blizzard states in its new user agreement, use of the platform is now viewed as a license, not a sale. This means that Blizzard can revoke your right to play the games if you violate the rules or for any other arbitrary reason. This update will further fuel ongoing debates about ownership of digital content and will likely encourage many gamers to rethink the importance of physical media.

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This step by Blizzard can be seen as part of adaptation to the changes brought by the digital future. However, this situation creates a turning point that questions the trust in digital content and the value of digital purchases among users and consumers. While the feeling of ownership of the games played by users is considered an important factor, especially in the gaming world, Blizzard’s new policy fundamentally shakes the understanding of digital game ownership.

Blizzard’s user agreement from here you can reach.