“You don’t get a statue if you’re not a great man and player”

You dont get a statue if youre not a great

Pekka Rinnee’s statue was announced in Nashville.

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An ex-goalie who ended his wonderful hockey career a couple of seasons ago Pekka Rinne received an extraordinary honor on Saturday when his effigy was unveiled in Nashville. From now on, the bronze statue will be in front of the home arena of the Nashville Predators.

The unveiling of the statue was watched by a large crowd. Among others, the club’s GM was speaking David Poile.

– Pekka has made a career defying the odds, he beamed.

A forward who played eight seasons with Rinne Colton Sissons incensed Rinnetta with exaggerations.

– He is the best Preds player of all time. You don’t get a statue if you’re not a great man and a great player. He epitomizes what it is to be a Nahsville Predator.

Rinne, who represented Nashville throughout his career, played 683 games in the NHL between 2005 and 2021. Rinne won the Vezina Trophy awarded to the best goalkeeper in the 2018 season.

In 2017, he led Nashville to the Stanley Cup Finals, where they lost to Pittsburgh.

He is the Finnish NHL goaltender who has played and won the most matches.

After his playing career, Rinne has received great attention from Nashville. A year ago, Rinnee’s shirt went up on the roof of the club’s home hall.

The enormous statue is more than three meters high and weighs 350 kilograms. According to the society’s website, the bronze casting of the statue used Rinne’s game equipment, such as a racket, flipper and mattresses.

– This is surreal. Having my shirt frozen last year was an incredible honor. I didn’t think that a hockey player could receive an even bigger honor.

– This is an incredible honor. I think it’s a statue, it’s crazy, Rinne sneered according to the pages of Nashville.

According to Rinne, the statue symbolizes much more.

– The statue doesn’t just represent me. It represents my family, the club, the city, our organization’s core values, hard work and community. It represents past Nashville players, current players, and players who will represent the Nashville Predators. I am truly proud, humbled and grateful.