You can now stream Til Schweiger’s forgotten action catastrophe for free on Amazon (And it’s worth it!)

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If Far Cry had been a less terrible film, we could have been spared a lot in the last 15 years. Til Schweiger would have been through the roof as the new international action hope. He would have (presumably!) Hollywood terrorized instead of employees on German film sets. And I would have less strong physical reactions to brown-gray natural wool sweaters in mainstream comedies because films like Kokowääh would never have seen the light of day.

A nice idea, but the reality is different. Schweiger was cast in several international projects after Far Cry, but his big breakthrough never came. Possibly also because Uwe Boll’s attempt from an up-and-coming video game franchise internationally competitive shooting action under palm trees making a really bad film.

So bad that you have to see the German-Canadian co-production from 2008 again. And not just because Til Schweiger against mutated human machines (!) fights.

Far Cry was torn apart by criticism – that’s what it’s all about

Twentieth Century Fox of Germany GmbH

Til Schweiger as Jack Carver

The plot is summarized quite simply: Jack Carver (Til Schweiger) has left the Special Forces to lead a quieter life. But journalist Valerie Cardinal (Emmanuelle Vaugier) convinces him to go through with an important mission. He is supposed to accompany her to a remote tropical island where a mad scientist (Udo Kier) breeds genetically modified super soldiers. Will the unlikely team stop him and build something like sexual tension in the process? Guess! And it wouldn’t be an action film with German participation if Ralf Moeller wasn’t there too.

Far Cry received a devastating rating of 2.5 from the Moviepilot community, and critics also mercilessly panned the film. According to the film’s Wikipedia page, the Hamburger Morgenpost spoke of one “abstruse story” with “stupid dialogues” and raised the question: Can this be serious? (Unfortunately, the link to the full review is no longer online.)

Nevertheless: Til Schweiger’s English-language action excursion is an underrated trash gem

Can this be serious? For me, the best thing about Far Cry lies in exactly this question. Where other action vehicles with international ambitions shoot deadly seriously from one stupid scenario to the next, Uwe Boll’s video game adaptation works like a fever dream.

TIl Schweiger in English: This is how international film fans saw Far Cry

Far Cry The Movie Trailer

Yes, the film looks like the script was in one Writing workshop for creatives after the second lobotomy developed. But isn’t that the accusation that action spectacles generally have to face? Is Michael Bay really so much more than a Uwe Boll with a significantly higher budget and a drone remote control? Think about it.

Anyone who has ever adjusted to the cinematic level of Far Cry with strong alcohol or other (legal!!) narcotics in their body can do so here have the time of your life. What happens next? What pithy saying will Til Schweiger now mumble coolly into the camera? It’s impossible to predict. In addition, 15 years later, it remains unclear why Schweiger never received an acting award for the scene in which he almost chokes on a key for several minutes.

You can expect equal parts everything and absolutely nothing from Far Cry. The perfect film for people who believe that nothing can surprise them anymore.

This is how you can stream Far Cry for free on Amazon

Twentieth Century Fox of Germany GmbH

What shouldn’t be missing in any trashy action film? An evil scientist (Udo Kier)

Far Cry has recently included in the Freevee offer. The streaming service belongs to Amazon and is financed by advertising. This means: You can watch the film in a stream without having to take out a paid subscription. All you need is an Amazon account.

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