“You are a great role model”

She was one of Sweden’s best ski cross riders.
Today, Anna Holmlund lives a completely different life after the nasty accident.
Now she shows the emotional picture and is praised by the Swedish people.

Over seven years have passed since the terrible accident that changed Anna Holmlunds life forever. In 2016, she was at the peak of her sports career and ranked as one of the world’s very best ski crossers.

Holmlund’s accident

Holmlund had won Olympic bronze and WC bronze, but then the unthinkable happened during a training session in Innichen, Italy, on December 19, 2016. The Swedish ski star lost control of his body and skis and crashed violently on the slope.

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180504 Anna Holmlund poses for a portrait on May 4, 2018 in Gothenburg. Photo: Carl Sandin / BILDBYRÅN / code CS / 57999_345

Anna suffered serious head injuries and fought for her life after being sedated and put into an induced coma. After five months she woke up again and had miraculously survived.

A great role model

After that, it has been a long and tough road back to a normal everyday life for Anna Holmlund. She has struggled for many years with tough rehabilitation and has been open about her struggle on social media, where she has become a great role model for many.

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Many have been inspired by Anna’s strong will and great determination to take small steps all the time and she has really found the joy in life again. Nowadays, she can get around without the help of a wheelchair and her speaking skills have improved significantly.

Emotional picture

Now she has published an emotional picture of herself in social media, namely a strong memory from the past.
“These were the times…”, she writes on Instagram along with a picture, see it below, from her own sports career.

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180604 Anna Holmlund when SOK and Parasport Sweden celebrate the Olympics in Pyeongchang on June 4, 2018 in Stockholm. Photo: Simon Hastegård / Bildbyrån / Cop 118

The image and Holmlund’s words go straight into the hearts of thousands of Swedes. Many people have been affected and several have responded with nice words as well, see the picture below.
“You are so amazing Anna and a great role model for fighting. You are simply the best,” writes one user.
“We will never forget your ski cross efforts. But even more impressive that you are doing something really good with your life after the skiing and the circumstances,” writes another.
“I’ll never forget that, but your incredible struggle to ‘come back’ after your terrible accident is almost even more admirable. You are an incredible role model and it is wonderful to follow you and your progress,” writes a third.

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