Yellowstone was originally supposed to end after season 1, but Kevin Costner allowed the series phenomenon to continue

Yellowstone was originally supposed to end after season 1 but

The modern western series Yellowstone has become a worldwide series phenomenon in recent years. But we have Kevin Costner to thank for the fact that it got this far. At least that’s what Kevin Costner says.

End after season 1? Initially, Yellowstone was just supposed to be a “long film,” but then Kevin Costner came along

Despite the crisis currently gripping Yellowstone behind the scenes, the series has had an extraordinary success story. Creator Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone universe will soon include six series. However, it almost never got that far because Yellowstone was originally intended to be just a miniseries. As Kevin Costner told Good Morning America four years ago, that plan only changed when he came on board as a star – and stayed:

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When I was approached for Yellowstone, it was meant to be a long film with 10 episodes become. How [meine Western-Miniserie] Hatfields & McCoys. At some point during the making of the series, that was suddenly no longer the plan. And I felt like it took that direction because I came on board. Because I agreed to do it. Suddenly one season became more and I had to make a fundamental decision. If I had said I didn’t want to do it, the series might have collapsed before it could get started. I took on the emotional burden of not wanting to see the series fall apart.

After Yellowstone initially had its eye on Robert Redford as the lead actor, Kevin Costner was actually “only” the second choice. Nevertheless, he subsequently led the series to success as a star driving force. In the current misery surrounding Kevin Costner’s involvement in the series finale, the only question that arises is how long the self-proclaimed Yellowstone savior was willing to take on this role.

Yellowstone is currently running its first three seasons on Netflix and RTL+, as well as all five seasons on Paramount+ * and MagentaTV.

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