Yellowstone star absolutely can’t stand part of the series, but the creator forces her to

Yellowstone star absolutely cant stand part of the series but

As the hit US series Yellowstone approaches its end with season 5, the stars of the modern western are only too happy to give insights into their experiences. Kelly Reilly, who plays John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) only daughter Beth and rose to fame as the celebrated Ice Queen of Yellowstone despite initial resistance, has now spoken about an aspect of her role that she has absolutely hated for years.

Yellowstone star Kelly Reilly wished Beth would finally give up a habit

Actors and actresses often take on roles that run counter to their own personalities, habits or preferences. Kelly Reilly, for example, has to hide her enormous horse-riding talent for her Yellowstone role, even though series creator Taylor Sheridan knows that she is the most talented rider in his cast. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the star also revealed that a trait of Beth drives her crazy:

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I hope, [Beth] has finally given up smoking when she sits next to Rip on her terrace at the age of 60. I don’t smoke myselfso all these cigarettes that I smoke in the series, Herbal cigarettes – and I hate them so much! [Taylor Sheridan] has written it down in the script exactly when she smokes or takes a drag. It’s all written down! So I try to suggest an idea where she becomes addicted to nicotine gum.

It is questionable whether this will happen in the fifth season of Yellowstone. But perhaps the planned sequel series in 2024 will have a less smoky tone? In addition to her co-stars Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler) and Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton), Kelly Reilly is also said to be in talks to return to the new western spin-off after the end of the main series.

When does Yellowstone season 5b with Kelly Reilly start?

Filming for part 2 of the 5th season has now begun. According to current status, a release in November 2024 planned. However, whether the series successor 2024 will start in 2024 (according to its title) is currently up in the air.


Yellowstone: Non-smoker Kelly Reilly has to smoke

You can stream the entire Yellowstone universe to date, including the two series spin-offs 1883 and 1923, on Paramount+ *. You can also find the first three seasons of Yellowstone on Netflix, Prime Video * and RTL+. MagentaTV has all 5 seasons of Yellowstone.

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