XPeng G9 will be officially unveiled on September 21

XPeng G9 will be officially unveiled on September 21

The final piece of the puzzle is about to be revealed – XPengannounced that it is holding an official launch event for the G9 this Wednesday at 11:00 am Beijing time (14:00 in Turkey).

XPeng G9 SUV, It is positioned as the fourth model and flagship of the Chinese company. After the car opens the order books 22,819 orders in the first 24 hours seems to be quite popular by the company that claims to have bought it. This issue has not been updated since August 11.

It’s surprising to see so many people ordering cars without knowing the price. Market researchers expect the car to be priced between 350,000 and 400,000 RMB; this ranges from €50,000 to €57,000 at current exchange rates. Electric vehicles sold in China 20% of falls within this price range.

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XPeng G9 is classified as high-end electric cars in China Nio ES7, Tesla Model Y and Li L9 will compete with. The car is built on the 800V SiC platform with XPeng’s proprietary fast charging system using the S4 charger that the company intends to make available across China. The car uses Nvidia’s DRIVE Orin chip for autonomous and infotainment systems.

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The official press release doesn’t give further details, but provides links for XPeng’s various channels where the official unveiling can be watched. The event will feature Chinese celebrities, including singer Wang Xiaomin and driver Gao Xuan.

A lot depends on the price of the G9, and many people will be watching the event just to see if they want to continue with their pre-orders. The company should also update their order numbers and it is expected to be quite a lot. This is not necessarily good news because XPeng is having problems with its suppliers and is currently able to deliver between 4,000 and 6,000 G9s – large order numbers mean long wait times.

1663594457 670 XPeng G9 will be officially unveiled on September 21

We don’t have much time left to learn everything else we need to know about the G9, it will definitely be a fun event to watch. For your convenience, please link the English version of the publication. here You can find it – remember, Wednesday 11:00 GMT (14:00 in Turkey)