Xiaomi MIUI 14 seems to please users very much

The first official announcement was made for Xiaomi MIUI 14

Android 13 based new interface Xiaomi MIUI 14 An explanation has come for the users to delight. The interface will be very fluid.

Xiaomi at the center of the ecosystem MIUI The interface will soon appear with a new version. Despite some criticisms, the new one of the generally acclaimed interface MIUI 14, According to the official post made last week, it will be launched soon. There is still no clear date for the launch of the interface, but it seems that the company will not make users wait long for the release. So what will the new interface be like? We have some information on this.

One of the important names at the beginning of the MIUI interface Jin Fan, teams last week MIUI 14 that they have done very serious work on the new version, especially “light” stated that its structure will stand out. Accordingly, the new version will use less system resources than before and in this context, a fluent experience can be obtained even on low-end devices. There’s even better news for the release today. According to the statement of Ice Universe, which is considered to be one of the most robust sources in the Android phone world, MIUI 14 is compared to other versions. much but much more fluent / fast / fast will be.


This is really good news because Android phones fluency The interface, that is, the software infrastructure, which is used more than the hardware they carry, determines. Of course, the current version will be installed on Android 13 MIUI 14simple Xiaomi and redmi It will make even signed phones feel very fast and powerful.

With the MIUI interface released, low-end Xiaomi and Redmi devices use the system a lot and receive serious criticism on this issue. The company, which saw the criticism on this subject and simplified MIUI 14 technically, will also switch to a new design language in the release. Exactly how this happens is still unknown. However, besides the technical basis, the firm it seems to simplify the visual elements and animations as well.