Xiaomi introduced a smart oven, which is also based on the “Airfryer”

Xiaomi introduced a smart oven which is also based on

One of the largest companies in the world with a product range xiaomi, A very capable smart oven with an “air fryer” basis introduced.

Currently only sold in China, but expected to be brought to many markets, including Türkiye, in the future. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steam Oven, a four-in-one hybrid option. The product, which is prepared only in black and has a compact size designed to be positioned on the counter, according to the description “microwave, Airfryer, normal oven and steam cooking” brings together the fundamentals. As far as reported, the product produces 1,000W of power in microwave mode, the power goes up to 1,600W in steam cooking mode. It is said that it can go up to 2.000W in Airfryer and normal use. smart oven, Since it has a glass front, it allows to look at the cooked food without opening the lid. The model, which is reported to be able to create 180 degrees steam through the 1 liter water tank in its structure, can cook much faster because it has a fan inside, and it does not require the use of oil for this.


It does not need a lot of oil, so it can cook healthily. Mijia Smart Steam Oven, comes with removable trays and measures exactly 458 x 396 x 496 mm. It brings a 1.32-inch OLED screen and control wheel for those who don’t want it, which can be controlled via a smartphone. Xiaomi The signed advanced device can also be voice controlled using the company’s assistant called Xiao AI. Abroad from $284 available for pre-order but normal price 326 dollars The talented product, which is said to be, can make the culinary adventures of people with a suitable place much healthier and effortless.