Xiaomi electric car undergoes rigorous tests

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giant tech firm Xiaomihas been developing an electric car for a long time and important work for this vehicle doing.

First all-electric Xiaomi The car model has been on the table for a long time. It was the first heavily camouflaged photos that you can see in the gallery above that brought the vehicle to the fore. The all-electric vehicle, a four-door sedan, was spotted this time being tested on snowy/icy terrain. It is reported that CEO Lei Jun also participated in this test process of the car, which is also camouflaged, and he personally drove a vehicle during the test process with two vehicles. According to the latest allegations, the company’s first vehicle is on the market. Tesla Model 3 will be brought before him and will start at $38,000. It is said that Xiaomi is developing two different versions for its first car. The price of the vehicle below depends on the options 38-44 thousand dollars will change in range and in this vehicle 400V Supported BYD lithium iron phosphate battery will be used. If the second version from 51 thousand dollars will start and in this vehicle 800V CATL Qilin battery will be used. This battery is in good condition can be transported to 80 percent occupancy in just 15 minutes.

Xiaomito the automobile market where it sees a great future. 2024 wants to log in and It is also negotiating with other companies based in China. According to the information revealed in the past months, the first vehicle of the company is laser-based in autonomous driving. LiDAR Equipped with sensor. The company attaches great importance to this issue and has been Pilot Test It performs real-life tests with an autonomous test car. For autonomous driving systems The company, which has more than 500 employees, It aims to be the leader of this side in 2024 with its large investments.


to your first vehicle Qualcomm and Nvidia will include signed processors and will be based in Germany in particular for sensors. Continental As far as it is said, Xiaomi’s second electric car named “Le mans”, which is claimed to work with To be put on the road in 2025. This vehicle will share the same base as the first model, but It will be a much more powerful option with three electric motors. This vehicle will most likely sound like an SUV.

The giant technology firm believes it has significant advantages in electric cars. this much Lei Jun He explained with the following articles he shared last year:

1. Smart electric vehicles have radically changed the business model of the traditional automotive industry, and Xiaomi has detailed knowledge of the hardware-based internet service business model.
2. Xiaomi has the most extensive experience in software and hardware integration and the deepest production know-how in the internet industry.
3. Xiaomi has the most comprehensive smart ecosystem in terms of product variety, product scale and number of users.
4. Xiaomi has a lot of core technologies that can be applied to smart electric vehicles.
5. Xiaomi has a strong brand and a strong user base, with the trust and support of Mi fans around the world.
6. It has ample cash resources that allow Xiaomi to invest in this space with confidence.

Lei Jun for the automobile project, “This will be the last major entrepreneurial project of my life. I am ready to put all my personal reputation on the line and fight for our smart electric vehicle. I am determined to lead my team throughout the entire struggle for the success of the Xiaomi electric vehicle.” he said.