Xiaomi Car Bumper Images Leaked

Xiaomi Car Bumper Images Leaked

Xiaomi’s upcoming electric vehicle is said to enter mass production in 2024, so the company’s first car should in theory be in the final stages of development. As the production date approaches, the Xiaomi car bumper images allegedly leaked. We also anticipate that we will see leaks like this more frequently throughout 2023.

earlier this week leaked imageheadlights Reminiscent of Tesla Model 3 revealed the front and rear bumper design.

However, Xiaomi’s general manager of public relations said that the leaked images from the early stages of the development of the automobile made a statement to make it clear. The schematics were indeed taken from a draft document in the bidding process, a company that manufactures plastic exterior parts for the automotive industry in China. BAIC MoldingHe added that it was taken from

According to the statements, Xiaomi’s car completely different may appear. On the other hand, Xiaomi may have decided to keep some design features in the final prototype. We hope to see more in the coming months.