Xiaomi 14: the smartphone should soon be released in Europe

Xiaomi 14 the smartphone should soon be released in Europe

Xiaomi seems to be teasing the very upcoming release of its new high-end smartphone. The Xiaomi 14 and its pro counterpart should be released in Europe soon.

The Xiaomi 14 has been available in China for a while now. The firm seems more and more determined to offer its latest phone high-end to the rest of the globe, as evidenced by the company’s latest publications on its social networks.

According to Xiaomi’s latest posts, the next phone to come to Europe would indeed be the Xiaomi 14. The latter would notably be officially presented on February 25, on the sidelines of the MWC (Mobile World Congress).

The show therefore represents the ideal opportunity for the Chinese company to present its Xiaomi 14 to the whole world. Although we already know almost everything about this high-end smartphone, we are never safe from a few surprises, especially regarding the price of the device. However, you will have to wait until February 25 to find out if the Xiaomi 14 will be released at the same time as its official announcement or if a small pre-order period will be offered.

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