Xavier Coste, in the freakshow jungle

Xavier Coste in the freakshow jungle

After the success of his adaptation of “1984” by George Orwell, Xavier Coste returns with an original story through the fate of Hector Bibrowski, a lion-man suffering from hypertrichosis, abundant hair growth. A beautiful fiction about the world of freakshows and circus at the beginning of the 20th century.

Xavier Coste’s previous album was an adaptation of “1984”, the work of George Orwell. A comic book that has been acclaimed by the public and by critics, with several prizes at stake. He also signed other comic book albums around Egon Schiele, Arthur Rimbaud or Gustave Eiffel.

But this time, it’s neither a biography nor a literary adaptation that Xavier Coste presents to us, but an original scenario that takes us into the world of the Freaks, in the footsteps of a man with such abundant facial hair. that he has become a beast of the circus.

Comics ” The man with the lion’s head ” of Xavier Coste was published by Sarbacane editions.

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