WWE 2K23 Pre-Order Price Announced!

WWE 2K23 Pre Order Price Announced

One of the popular games of today and our childhood, WWE is getting ready to meet the players with its new game WWE 2K23. WWE games, which once conquered hearts both on television and in terms of games, have always maintained their popularity. In today’s article, we will inform you about the WWE 2K23 pre-order price.

Besides, the WWE 2K23 cross-gen release is scheduled to feature our beloved John Cena on the cover. From what we understand, the game won’t be released as a next-gen exclusive once again. As you know, Rey Mysterio took part in version 22, and now John Cena will take part.

Both the graphics and in-game mechanics look very professional, especially considering the 22 versions currently available. There is no complete information about what changes will be in the 23 series compared to the 22.

As for the prices, the pre-order prices are not encouraging, let’s take a look at the pre-order prices together.

As you can see, the pre-order prices seem quite pocket-friendly, and it seems likely that there will be a price increase in the future.