WWDC23: The anticipated big product Apple Vision Pro is introduced

WWDC23 The anticipated big product Apple Vision Pro is introduced

WWDC23 The long-awaited product in the scope of mixed reality title Apple Vision Pro finally officially introduced.

apple The newest product that has been included in the ecosystem is the one that the company and CEO Tim Cook place incredibly high on. Apple Vision Pro it happened. Combining virtual and augmented reality infrastructures, the mixed reality headset is a model of great importance not only for Apple, but also for the entire AR / VR market. The product that is expected to create an iPhone effect in the technology worldis built on a hardware and software infrastructure that the company has given years. WWDC23’s biggest announcement Vision Pro, When we first look at it from a design point of view, it looks thinner than expected. The product, which can bring not a single screen but multiple virtual screens in front of people with its high resolution screen, carries sensors with a camera and can be controlled by voice, hand movements or eye movements. Allows the wearer’s eyes to be seen from the outside Apple Vision Pro, Even the shadow of the user interface is placed in the environment very well, and the interface of the system adapts naturally to the light. The product, which can spread applications to the environment with its special expansion infrastructure, allows navigating between applications only by looking, the headgear can detect even very small hand movements, as shown by Apple.


The product where Siri is at the center, EyeSight system, as we said above, it transfers the eyes of the wearer to the outside, so that interaction / eye contact can be established with the people in the environment without removing the hood. The product, which integrates nearby people into the virtual interface when they come close, of course works in sync with other Apple products. The product, which has a comfortable wide headband and is powered by an external battery to which it is connected with a cable, can work with Apple’s keyboard and mouse. Able to replicate the screens of Macs by transferring them to virtual. So it can be turned into a monitor Vision Pro, takes FaceTime to a whole new level and brings the people on the call with huge images. The product, which allows the screen size to be adjusted and can reach up to 100 inches here, can turn any room into a real movie theater if desired. It will offer three-dimensional video content and movies with depth. Apple Vision Pro, It supports high quality mobile games prepared for Apple Arcade, Xbox or PlayStation game controllers can be used in this process. The product that can shoot 3D videos with its built-in camera, looks extremely good on paper, especially in terms of content consumption. Making real objects in the environment a part of the virtual world Vision Pro, It allows the sports content watched to become richer than ever before, where the multi-screen structure has incredible benefits. Having established a great partnership with Disney for the product, Apple uses a single piece of glass that contributes to the optical process in front of its headgear, and includes a digital crown and physical buttons for control. Vision Pro Using the lightest materials possible, Apple adopts a modular structure in the product, so the headboard fits well on every face. For optics in front of screens ZEISS Announcing that they have partnered with Apple, It brings 2 hours of continuous wireless use with external battery.If desired, the product can operate continuously depending on the power.

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1686000055 519 WWDC23 The anticipated big product Apple Vision Pro is introduced

When we come to the technical side, the product features micro-OLED screens with 23 million pixels and special optics with three elements. in front of the wearer model that can bring real 4K resolution content, It also has a built-in speaker system. This system, which can give three-dimensional sound, contains many advanced sensors. The model, which also has LiDAR, can follow eye movements with an incredible level of sensitivity with its camera system inside. your strength “M2” And “R1” The product, which is derived from processors, thus combines high performance with low heat. It is stated that it works with very low latency and outperforms its competitors in this regard. Apple Vision Pro, it fulfills the image it gives to the outside by creating the virtual character of the people. Stating that it has established a very special infrastructure here, Apple said, places the visionOS operating system in the center of the head. Developing many applications for the title and stating that more are on the way applebrings even Microsoft’s office applications to the product, Zoom is supported and many tools are offered to application developers for more.

Thousands of iPad and iPhone apps to Vision Pro Stating that it will be ready at the exit, Apple, which provides the most basic support, in addition to all of them Unity He also states that they have made based games and applications compatible with the title. For a mixed reality headset that looks incredible Apple, which has prepared a special application marketin the product Optical ID It includes a biometric security system called This system Face IDUnlike , it looks at the eye or specifically at the Iris, thus providing high security for the wearer. Noting that they process camera data built-in, Apple also states that applications cannot see where people are looking specifically. During the development process, more than 5 thousand patents were obtained and “The most advanced personal electronic device ever.” introduced as Apple Vision Pro, full $3,499 It will be available for a higher-than-expected price, such as , and will only be available at the beginning of 2024. There is no explanation yet about the sale and price of the product in Türkiye, In the first stage, it is stated that the exit will only be made in the USA.

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