WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic: The Launch Survival Guide

WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic The Launch Survival

In a few days, many adventurers will return to the lands of Northrend to prevent Arthas Menethil from acceding to the throne of the Lich King. A nostalgic dive into the past that is likely to attract a lot of people, and for which we have prepared a little survival guide for you.

WoW Classic continues on its way, and tries to rekindle the flame of the past in the hearts of seasoned players, where its cousin World of Warcraft is struggling to convince beyond the first months of its new expansions. The fall of World of Warcraft has indeed been dizzying, with an estimated number of players of less than two million, far from the astronomical figures recorded during its peak in popularity in 2008, when the Wrath of the Lich King expansion was released. . What could be more logical then for Blizzard than to bring back this admittedly venerable but hugely popular content, with this expansion that reminds veterans of the glory of the old days? The WoW Classic adventure continues with the arrival of WOTLK (for friends) on next september 26, an outing that is likely to attract many players, eager to rediscover the sensations of their youth. So many factors that will make this coming Monday an event day, with its usual bugs, endless connection queues and everything that has always made the charm of a World of Warcraft expansion launch party. We have prepared a short guide for you to get you started in the lands of Northrend without any problems.

The release schedule of WOTLK Classic is quite complicated, and offers us French to embark on this new adventure on the night of September 26 to 27 at midnight sharp. So keep your eyes open for this late launch, which may involve a short night’s sleep and a good dose of coffee on Tuesday morning. We obviously expect traffic on and on the Blizzard client, with no doubt endless connection queues.

Next Monday, at midnight, go to your client, which you must have updated beforehand, to join the other WOTLK Classic adventurers. Of course, you may encounter long queues before you can connect to services. Only one advice remains valid for this situation: arm yourself with patience and spend the time in a constructive way. Once logged in, you will have the option to choose your Kingdom. If you haven’t created a WoW Classic character yet, don’t hesitate to join the Kingdoms stamped “New”. These are servers opened especially for the occasion, rich in available slots, and on which all players will have a new character. Be careful, it is essential to join the same Kingdom as your guild or your friends if you want to play together.

To begin your quest in the wastelands of Northrend, simply travel to Port of Stormwind or Port of Menethil in the Wetlands for Alliance players. You will find there ships leaving for the north, which you will hasten to board. For Horde players, zeppelins await outside of Orgrimmar and the Undercity. We advise you to be at least level 68 before going to Northrend, if you don’t want your first steps in the freezing cold to be very complicated.

Among the many new features that will accompany the release of Wrath of The Lich King Classic, we obviously find a brand new class, the Death Knight, a formidable bruiser that allows you to play DPS or Tank at the same time, and shows rock-solid durability in the thick of the fray. But that’s not all, as you travel to the lands of the North in Northrend, you’ll discover a whole new desolate, war-torn region and kingdom of Arthas Menethil, the new Lich King of Azeroth. Your character will be able to reach the level 80unlock new talentimprove his stuff, and go through three new dungeons (the Utgarde Keep, the Nexus and the Old Kingdom) as well as three raids (the Obsidian Sanctum of the Black Dragonflight, the Eye of Eternity and Naxxramas). The calligraphy also enters the available professions.