WoW player comfortably achieves a high “Mythic+” rating with his Steam deck – these are his tips

On Reddit, a player posted how he had achieved a high “Mythic+” rating of over two thousand in World of Warcraft from the comfort of his bed on his Steam Deck and shared his gaming experience with the handheld console with the community.

Reddit user u/Somethin_Clever posted a photo on February 15, 2024 that showed him lying in bed with his Steam Deck in his hand. On the screen you can see that the player had achieved a Mythic+ rating of 2121.

Under the post, another user expressed his enthusiasm and asked how WoW would play with a Steam deck and whether some classes would perform better than others. The author of the post then shared his experiences and tips with the device.

All dungeons of the first season in the ranking:

WoW Dragonflight: All dungeons from Season 1 in the ranking

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How does WoW play on the Steam Deck? u/Somethin_Clever wrote about his impressions of how WoW plays on the handheld console:

SoD [Season of Discovery] Seems to play best, but I play mostly retail, I play on low settings (out of sight) and I usually get around 38 FPS. I get pretty low FPS in open world events. […]

I’ve found in my time playing the deck that the complexity or number of keys in a rotation doesn’t matter as long as you invest a lot of time into your macros and key bindings.

Regarding the best classes for the Steam Deck, the player recommended taking melee DPS first, tanks second, and ranged DPS third. He further explained that classes with lots of placement spells were annoying, but doable.

You can see the reddit post for yourself here:

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Since selecting ranged targets on the Steam deck can be a bit difficult, he recommended switching the Hunter from Beast Mastery to Survival.

Healing is too difficult on the console and he doesn’t think it works well – that’s why he’s avoided it so far.

What are the disadvantages on the Steam Deck? u/Somethin_Clever also lists a few disadvantages of the Steam Deck. The setup takes a lot of time and, according to the player, add-ons are annoying.

As a solution, he advised: “I usually record all my Weakauras on my PC and then upload them to Wago. Then I just download them from Wago onto the deck.”

Chatting on the device is also a disaster. Although he can connect a keyboard, he still has to put the console down every time to type something.

However, it’s all worth it, as u/Somethin_Clever concluded: “But considering all the disadvantages with the advantage of playing in a comfortable bed/couch/chair or on the go/traveling, I think it makes up for it.”

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