WoW is selling a set you could previously get for free

World of Warcraft is selling weird things right now. There is a set that will end up in the trading post – although you can buy it right now.

The Trading Post has been live in World of Warcraft for a few months and has grown into a small but beloved feature that keeps bringing new loot to transmog fans. However, there are also amusing bugs almost every month. At the beginning of a new month, all players stood around naked and could fly without a mount or items ended up in the trading post that didn’t even belong there.

What is this set? “The Guardian Pack” consists of 3 items in total – a staff, a cloak and a head item.

The staff is obviously intended for mages and has a large raven statue attached to the arcane focus. The staff is clearly reminiscent of Medivh’s equipment.

The hood and the cape are also decorated with raven feathers.

So the set is good for giving yourself the look of the “Last Guardian” Medivh – even if the set doesn’t end up looking exactly like the well-known mage.

What’s so weird about the set? At the beginning of May, the items were already briefly available in the trading post – but only on the European servers. On May 1st, the items probably came into play by mistake and Blizzard fixed the error after a few hours.

The three items have now landed in the shop for a total price of 8 euros and can be purchased until May 31st. At least there is a hint that the items will end up in the trading post later.

When will the set come to the trading post? At least Blizzard was fair enough to state on the sales page that the items will later end up in the trading post. The current schedule for this is to offer the items “between September and December 2023”. The costs are then as follows:

  • Warden’s Feathered Cowl – 225 Merchant Currency
  • Standard of the Guardian – 650 Merchant Currency
  • Feathered Cloth of the Warden – 100 Merchant Currency
  • In total, you would have to shell out almost 1,000 dealer currencies for it – that’s the maximum you can earn in one month.

    What do you think of the items? Are the 8 euros worth it or will you keep your hands off it?

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