Worse than SJ and Postnord

Worse than SJ and Postnord

The result is not a positive reading. It reports the newspaper Arbetet.

An infected conflict

Tesla is in conflict with IF Metall regarding collective agreements. This has hit confidence in the American electric car giant hard.

Having said that, there are a number of Tesla sympathizers who instead look kindly on IF Metall.

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Elon Musk overturns

According to Isabelle Ljungberg, head of communications at LO, the ongoing strike plays a role.

– I think the Tesla conflict is important. Here, one of our member associations shows that they really fight for their members. The media has been grateful for highlighting the Swedish model, she explains.

The conflict becomes extra infected considering that Elon Musk sits behind the wheel of the company. What people think of Musk is a real watershed and causes many to actively opt out of the brand, somewhat Bloomberg previously reported on.

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Worse than Postnord and SJ

This year’s trust survey by the Media Academy is, as I said, the first time Tesla is involved.

They end up at the bottom, below both Postnord and SJ, which are frequently mentioned in non-confidence-inspiring contexts. Only one in ten Swedes trusts the company.

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