World’s first OLED monitor: ViewSonic XG272

Worlds first OLED monitor ViewSonic XG272

While the countdown has begun for Father’s Day ViewSonic XG272 Details about the gaming monitor were shared. Monitor that promises a smooth screen experience with a 240 Hz refresh rate AMD FreeSync Premium And NVIDIA G-Sync It supports features such as.

The NVIDIA G-Sync feature in the ViewSonic XG272 model eliminates screen tearing and stuttering. The response time of the monitor, which has a 27-inch screen size, is 0.02 (GTG). Offering a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels monitor It attracts attention with its OLED panel. Thanks to this feature, it can display even the finest details of the games vividly and sharply. The OLED panel can also show deep blacks. The monitor, which stands out with its ergonomic white design and vivid RGB lighting, also stands out with its ease of use. The monitor makes it possible to easily navigate the OSD menu, inputs and game modes with the accompanying remote control. The monitor allows players to quickly adjust settings. The device, which is the world’s first Blur Buster 2.1 certified monitor, offers a 178-degree viewing angle.


Which ports does the ViewSonic XG272 gaming monitor support?

USB-A, USB-C, 3.5 mm headphone jack, HDMI and DisplayPort are among the monitor’s ports. Thanks to the HDMI connection, users can connect their projectors, laptops or game consoles to the monitor. If you are thinking of buying a good gaming monitor these days, you can choose the model we mentioned in the news.

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