Worlds 2023 Semi-Final Matches and Fixtures

Worlds 2023 Semi Final Matches and Fixtures

The quarter-final stage of the League of Legends 2023 World Championship play offs was completed with the last series held today (Sunday, November 5). South Korean team T1 and Chinese representative LNG Esports T1 won the match easily. Thus, the team, which made its name in the last 4 of the tournament, in a sense put an end to the hegemony of the Chinese teams. Worlds 2023 semi-final matches and fixtures have also been clarified.

Worlds 2023 Quarter Finals Completed

Today, the match between T1 and LNG Esports, which started at 11 am Turkey time, was held in Bo5 format. The first match of the series lasted 26 minutes and 37 seconds, and the South Korean team won the T1 match and took the lead in the series. Although the second match of the match was a little more competitive, the winning side did not change. Landlord representative T1won the match, which lasted 31 minutes and 40 seconds, and increased the difference to 2: 2-0!

The third match of the series between the two teams was a life or death match between the Chinese team LNG Esports. Despite this, T1 did not give its opponent a chance. The South Korean representative won the match that lasted 26 minutes and 18 seconds and managed to advance to the semi-finals by finishing the series 3-0. People’s Republic of China team LNG Esports He made his way home.

The most valuable player (MVP) of the series between T1 and LNG Esports is from the home team. Oner Moon Hyeon-joon Jungle happened. Putting his emphasis on the series, Oner managed to keep his team as the last South Korean representative in the tournament. The results from the Worlds 2023 quarter-finals are as follows:

  • Gen.G Esports 2 – 3 Bilibili Gaming
  • NRG 0 – 3 Weibo Gaming
  • JD Gaming 3 – 1 KT Roller
  • LNG Esports 0 – 3 T1

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Worlds 2023 Semi-Final Matches and Fixtures

LoL 2023 World Cup semi-final matchups were as follows:

  • Bilibili Gaming – Weibo Gaming (Saturday, November 11 at 11)
  • JD Gaming – T1 (Sunday, November 12 at 11)

The teams that will win the last four matches will compete for the Worlds 2023 cup in the tournament final to be held on Sunday, November 19.