World Oceans Day: the importance of choosing tap water

World Oceans Day the importance of choosing tap water

(Finance) – Only about 30% of Italians regularly drinkmayor’s water, despite being among the most comfortable and plastic-free solutions. Almost half of Italians (40%) are not aware of the dangers of bottles in PET both for marine species and for our health, according to research data from Toluna for Culligan. Whereas in Mediterranean Every day 730 tons of plastic are deposited, it is essential to adopt more conscious actions, such as choosing to drink tap water to significantly reduce plastic consumption and protect the environment, contributing to a more sustainable future for everyone.

Pollution from single-use plastics is alarming: products that last only a few moments but leave a thousand-year ecological footprint, persisting in the environment and seas for hundreds of years. The microplastics And nanoplastics that contaminate our waters are harmful to marine organisms and humans. According to EU data, around 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced every year, of which 8 million end up in our oceans. In Italy, mineral water consumption has grown significantly: today Italians are confirmed as the largest consumers of mineral water in Europe (and second in the world after Mexico). In fact, it is estimated that 52% of Italians regularly consume bottled water: we are willing to spend more, ignoring the environmental repercussions.

Recent global research conducted by Toluna for Culligan, a world expert in the water treatment sector, reveals that almost half of Italians (40%) are not aware of the dangers of PET bottles both for marine species and for our health. However, Gen Z stands out for its environmental commitment, with daily actions against water waste and plastic abuse: around a third of young people have eliminated single-use plastic from their lives, while 50% try to do so despite the difficulty.

(Photo: Rudy and Peter Skitterians)