World Diabetes Day: ‘People often underestimate the impact of this disease’

World Diabetes Day People often underestimate the impact of this

Different types of diabetes

There are several types of diabetes, the two best known of which are type 1 and 2. The most common form is type 2. The body becomes less and less sensitive to insulin. With this form there is a strong relationship with the amount of fat in the abdomen, the UMC Utrecht reports about this. Also, most patients have relatives who also have diabetes. This form of diabetes can partly be prevented or postponed by eating a healthy diet, exercising enough and not gaining weight.

Type 1 is less common and often occurs in children, as a result of an immune disorder. As a result, the pancreas produces too little or no insulin. This form is chronic and it is not yet possible to prevent, delay or cure type 1 diabetes.